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1301, Sharavathi, 8th main, K N Extn., Yashawanthapura, Bangalore 560022

                                                                                                        Date: 18.9.2004


His Excellency
Archbishop Pedro Lopez Quintana

Apostolic Nuncio
Apostolic Nunciature in India,
New Delhi.

Your Excellency,

Sub: Kannada Archdiocese
Ref: Our letter to you dated 21 Aug 2004.


Your letter to us dated 3.9.2004 No. N 4350/04 and Dated 13.9.2004 No N 4408/04

We are happy with your said letter and with the consequent intimation that you would be giving us an interview on 18th inst.

We are placing before you, for your ready reference, the following important documents in support of our forty years claim for prominence to Kannada, the regional and administrative language of Karnataka for a Kannada Bishop and for a Regional Major Seminary for Karnataka.

1.CBCI Episcopal Commissions report dated 5.1.1982 circular No. 9/82, dated 8.12.1982 stating
   that Kannada has its own importance in the capital city of Bangalore (The previous Archbishop  
   Henry Dsouza on Calcutta, who was the chairman of the said CBCI Episcopal Commission is
   aware of all antecedents to this report.

2.The General Policy with regard to the language in the Liturgy published by the late Archbishop
   Arokiasamy dated 24.3.1983, Circular No. 3/83.

3.The Tamil Catholics of Bangalore took the said Circular to the courts, both low and high, and
   the same was dismissed on 27.2.1985 (Copies enclosed).

4.Previous Archbishop Alphonsus Mathias assuring us in writing that he would implement the  
  above policy circular; His letter dated 23.3.1987.

5.Secular heads of Governments both State and Central having understood our feelings of
  'MINORITY STATUS and SUPPRESSION' have written to Ecclesiastical authorities and even to  
  the Pope (a few copies enclosed). We have not yet got the copy of the recent Supreme Court
  order wherein Gujarati immigrants in Mumbai are required to learn the local language Marathi.