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Circular No. 3/83                                                                    Dated: 24th March 1983

Dear Rev. Father / Brother / Mother / Sister,

1. General policy with regard to the language in the Liturgy: In my circular No.9/82 dated 8th December 1982, I had given you the report of the Episcopal Commission which gives the criteria, based on which solutions for the language in the Liturgy in the different parishes can be arrived at.  Based on these criteria, I wish now to formulate the General Policy of the Archdiocese of Bangalore with regard to this problem. 

The policy of the Archdiocese is to make Kannada the principal language of its liturgical worship within five years or even earlier, wherever circumstances permit. This is to indigenes the local Church which is situated in Karnataka and also for the pastoral and evangelical consideration of adopting language which will soon be understood by the majority of people even though it may not be the mother tongue of the majority of Christians in a particular Church. It does not mean that the needs of other linguistic groups will be excluded or overlooked.  Bangalore being a cosmopolitan and multilingual city, adequate arrangements shall be made to have liturgical services in other languages too in order to cater to the spiritual and pastoral needs of the People of God.  Prominence however will be given to Kannada gradually, the primary language of liturgical worship; it will become a link language between various sections of the Christian assembly and foster Community building. 

The interpretation of all the terms used above and decisions as to wherever the circumstances permit etc., shall be done by the Archbishop with the assistance of the Vicar General as indicated in the Episcopal Commission report and this interpretation and decision should be accepted as final.


1.It is gratifying to note that this policy has already been implemented in the District Parishes and it should be continued.

2.The target of Five years shall not apply to KGF area.

3.Each Parish Priest shall forward for the approval of the Archbishop a schedule of Mass timings and the language to be used in them keeping in mind the said importance to be given to Kannada.

4.The Parish Priests, in consultation with the Parish Councils, shall take immediate and necessary steps to prepare the minds and hearts of the people so that the transition becomes smooth and profitable to all.

5.The Progress of this implementation shall be assessed periodically.

With kind regards and cordial blessing, and with best wishes for a

Happy Easter,

Yours devotedly in O. L.

(P Arokiaswamy)                                                                                        
Archbishop of Bangalore

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